• 25 Jun, 2022


It’s no secret that there are several advantages to hiring remote workers. These advantages include access to a global talent pool, increased productivity, and decreased employee stress. But one of the biggest motivating factors for companies to hire remotely is simply how much more cost effective it is.

Here are some tips on ways to build a solid working relationship with your favourite remote workers to ensure employee retention.


Give them a warm welcome

Creating loyal remote employees starts with onboarding. The more welcome they feel as part of the team initially, the more likely they are to stay with your company. Here are some ways you can make sure your onboarding process is smooth sailing.

Give them a face-to-face welcome

Introduce them to key players

Give them the rundown on company culture

Give them a project right away


Prioritize good communication

Eventually, employee retention is about providing a pleasant place to work with good perks and good pay. Good communication is an incredibly important aspect of that.

Implementing and maintaining good communication policies with core tools, avenues of communication, communication standards, and times in which colleagues are allowed to communicate with each other about work are important.


Offer talent and career development

Most employees have some goals of moving up, improving, continuing to develop skills, and of improving how they offer value. Offering training and career development to work from home employees is just as important as to in office employees. offering employees resources to learn and develop their careers which eventually saves your organization money by allowing you to hire for intermediate and senior positions internally improves employee retention.


Consider office equipment for home use

One of the largest shifts for many work from home employees is that they had to adjust to having to buy everything themselves. Offering office equipment, ranging from printers to laptops, to desks, can save your employee considerable costs.


Offer competitive benefits

Companies that offer competitive compensation and benefits can see 56 percent lower attrition. With the ever-changing labour market, companies need to adapt to employees’ evolving and growing needs and expectations. Allow them to choose their benefits, most people know what they want and that’s true when it comes to benefits as well. Having discussions with employees about what kinds of perks they want can help you to make better decisions around what those perks should be. Allowing employees to have some influence in that can make them feel listened to, respected, and valued.


Don’t micromanage your employees

One of the biggest appeals of working remotely is autonomy. There is something intrinsically valuable about getting a project, finishing it at your own speed, and then using the rest of your time to either complete more projects or work on improving your skills.

When you don’t micromanage your employees, they are free to thrive, and with that comes the following enticing benefits that lead to employee retention.



Remote employees are the way of the future, and when you find a good one, it’s worth it to take measures to make sure they stick around at your company as long as possible.


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