Backend Developer

  • Hybrid
  • Nigeria
  • 03 Dec, 2022

Job Summary


We are an engineering-as-a-service company building scalable products for organizations across multiple industries. Our expert teams of engineers, data scientists, designers, and product managers have decades of industry experience. Innovation and sustainability are at the core of our work at Enyata, which is why our clients trust us.

Our mission is to help leaders accelerate their impact through innovation. We are building a world where great ideas, products, and companies come to life quickly.

Join us to build products that will empower millions of businesses changing the world, and we will help you unlock your true potential.



1. 2 to 5+yrs experience in professional software development, NodeJS precisely.

2. Great problem-solving skills

3. Great understanding of software architecture

4. Great understanding of software principles and their application

5. Great understanding of software design patterns

6. Great understanding of data structure / algorithms

7. Great understanding of SQL and No-SQL databases

8. Hand-on experience building high performant applications

9. Extensive experience as a Full-stack developer (Backend, Frontend, Mobile)

10. Versatility using software development tools / frameworks.




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