Chief Marketing Officer

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  • Remote
  • 23 Nov, 2021

Job Summary

  • Remote
  • Full Time
  • Executive

The Role:

  • We’re looking for a remote Chief Marketing Officer to bring our Brainjolt brand to the next level.
  • Our ideal candidate will creatively solve complex problems from day one with elegant solutions.
  • They’ll be driving growth across our viral Video, Editorial, Social and Brands.
  • They’ll be constantly learning about new developments in the Digital Media Space.
  • They’ll be radically candid about how to centralize strategies across departments.
  • They’ll own the process to improve the marketing of the Brainjolt brand to help spark new partnerships and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Here at Brainjolt, our sole mission is to battle boredom. Across our 25+ brands, we curate and create viral video content (including Snapchat’s Bad Parenting Moments) as well as click-worthy articles on our HUGE web properties (including 22Words, 22BestThings, The Indy), with a collective audience size greater than the entire population of Thailand (69.8 million+) across all of Brainjolt’s platforms .


  • Furthermore, our growing partnerships with both globally recognizable and up-and-coming Amazon affiliates constantly surprise and delight our audiences with the latest gadgets we know. they’ll. love.
  • Intrinsically, you understand how the internet is rapidly growing and evolving. You’ll spend many of your days motivating multiple teams, holding them accountable, and spurring their growth.
  • Other days, you’ll be contributing to the Executive Leadership team, planning and building the groundwork to bring us exponential growth. Growth doesn’t fall solely on your shoulders, but you will be a critical part of it. If this doesn’t sound terrifying, you’ve likely been here before. And we can’t wait to support what you’ll do here next…



  • Manage multiple teams, driving accountability across your departmental leadership and throughout the organization.
  • Inspire teams by example, exemplifying our five core values every day!
  • Drive all teams to produce thumb-stopping content that engages our audiences and accelerate new growth
  • Define and act upon the vision for our diverse portfolio of brands, expanding our current footprint into fully comprehensive brands with larger reach and value
  • Grow, inspire, enable and energize a top-tier team in the digital media space, and cultivate a culture where creativity and commercialization co-exist
  • Strategize and oversee execution within the Video, Editorial, Social and Brands teams, ensuring the content we develop across multiple platforms follows a centralized strategy that drives revenue in a variety of ways
  • Spearhead the marketing of Brainjolt, enabling us to tell our story to the world, improving our ability to develop partnerships and sponsorship opportunities


You Are Ready To:

  • Make an impact from day one, because you’ve got the experience and vision to take this on
  • Simplify complex problems with elegant solutions
  • Formulate both short and long term strategies for achieving lofty and transformative goals
  • Display an innate knack for communication, bridging the gap between the business and creative teams
  • Thrive under pressure, embracing the fact that change is the only constant in our industry
  • Transform big ideas and general concepts into actions, projects, and completed products or messages
  • Be incredibly self-motivated, innovative, creative and willing to bring unique approaches to underlying issues.



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