Performance Management Manager

  • 100% Onsite
  • Nigeria
  • 24 Mar, 2023

Job Summary

Reporting to: MD or Business Advisor/Head of Office of Strategy Management


Scope: Performance management in a Balanced Scorecard environment will not only entail working closely with Human Resources to ensure that employees’ goals are aligned with corporate objectives but in addition, the scope will entail working closely with Strategy to ensure that Departments/SBUs’ goals are aligned with corporate objectives in the first instance. The role will ensure that performance measurement is carried out across the organization – corporate, departments/SBUs and individual employees – and reported as and when due. The role recognizes that the essence of performance measurement and management is to improve performance at all levels in the organization. 



Coordinate, facilitate and ensure that departments/SBUs’ goals are aligned with corporate goals by working closely with Strategy and each department/SBU.

Work closely with Human Resources to ensure that annual employee performance planning takes place as scheduled and ensuring that employees goals contained in their scorecards are set to align with departmental goals.

Liaise with Human Resources to facilitate and ensure that scheduled employee performance reviews are carried out as and when due during the year.

Provide support including training, coaching and hand holding for measure owners and updaters for corporate and department scorecards to facilitate discharge of their duties including developing templates and other frameworks for measure data collection and ensure the integrity of the data.

Work closely with measure owners and updaters to ensure that measurements are carried out and uploaded in the performance information system as and when due.

Organize and ensure that monthly, quarterly, and annual performance review meetings at the corporate and departmental levels are held as scheduled.

Carry out periodic review and analysis of performance of the corporate and departments vis a vis objectives and targets set, prepare performance reports, and recommend improvement actions.

Work closely with Strategy to review, monitor, and facilitate strategic initiatives implementation and reporting and impact on achievement of corporate objectives

Contribute to the periodic review and evaluation of the organization strategy and recommend improvement actions, play active role in overall strategic planning and management.

Contribute to the review and development of the reward and incentive systems and ensuring these are driven by performance; assist in enthroning a performance culture in the organization.


Person Profile:

To effectively perform the above duties, the performance management manager is expected to demonstrate the following skills:

Balanced scorecard skill to understand the framework and be able to support the organization at all levels where support is needed in terms of training and system designs.

Performance measurement skill at the corporate, SBU and employee levels including objectives/goals setting and target setting; understanding different types of performance measures/KPIs and when it is appropriate to use them.

Process skill – ability to understand how processes work and dependencies across functions, charting processes and carrying out root cause analysis to identify problems and improve efficiencies.

Statistical and analytical skill to analyze data and interpret trends. 

Experience in human resources management including employee performance planning and evaluation, reward systems, staff development, etc.

Experience with available performance information solutions and other tools to facilitate performance analysis and reporting.

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