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Engaging the best candidate for a role will surely be a competitive advantage for your organization whereas ineffective recruitment and selection can result in enormous distraction, reduced productivity, interpersonal difficulties and disruptions to operations and long-term costs.
Just exactly what we represent – “Support,” we judiciously utilize all resources at our disposal to find the widest pool of applicants as well as provide the greatest opportunity and select the best candidate for the required roles in our client’s organization.
While allowing you concentrate on other core issues, we engage in searching for and obtaining a pool of potential candidates with the desired understanding, skills and experience to allow your organization select the most appropriate candidate(s) to fill job vacancies in line with the defined position descriptions and specifications.

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Applicant background screening has become the norm in today’s business environment, with nearly every business using some sort of background screening process in its staffing process.  It is easy to see why. A well-designed background screening program will almost certainly:

  • Reduce your cost-per-hire by providing visible, measurable ROI from the start.
  • Helps to verify that potential employees have the required integrity and skills for a position.
  • Prevent loss of time on hiring and training an unfit candidate.
  • Helps reduce the chance of future workplace violence by filtering out applicants that could pose a threat to the workplace environment. 
Conducting background checks which includes but not limited to Pre-Employment verification, Residence verification, Guarantor verification and Result verification are not just an option anymore in recruitment – they are a necessary part of recruiting so as to provide the very best candidate every time; this amongst others is what Aaron’s pithy resources stands to offer.

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No doubt about it, no company has all the knowledge they need internally to be successful, training therefore helps prevent failures, it reduces risk. Sometimes the need to hire experts to teach internal employees how to do something that may be new to the company cannot be quantified. It is however right to say using a company who specializes in training would certainly help prevent unnecessary failure and costs. That is why we have strategically positioned ourselves to help provide properly tailored training programmes capable of bridging all manner of gaps identified within your organization.

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Everything you need to know about writing compelling CVs. Whether you're targeting a job in large, medium or small company and need a curriculum vitae for the workforce, or you're applying for a job at the internal level, you'll find answers to all your questions here. With our team of experts, you can be rest assured that everything will be well taken care off and all you have to do is give to us 24hrs and your new CV will be ready.

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