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If its your first time:

  1. Click on Employers on the navigation and sign up.
  2. An activation link will be sent to your mail, follow the link to activate your account.
  3. On your dashboard, click on post job to create a new job listing.
    If you already have an account with us, just log in to your dashboard and then proceed to post a new job.
    The base price for a job listing on Simply Remote is N3,500 per month. Choose one of our premium option to raise the visibility of your job listing.
  4. Submit the listing. Preview your listing, make changes if needed, and once you are ready, post it and then sit back and let the applications roll in!

All payments are processed securely by Paystack.

Job postings on Simply Remote have a lifespan of 30 days

Filtering candidates is one of the biggest obstacles and frustrations for many companies. Screening through hundreds of remote applicants can feel overwhelming and it often delays the overall hiring process.

With the Candidate Filtering feature selected, you'll receive manually prioritized batches of applicants until you see the right people.

All applications from candidates will automatically be emailed to

A real human (not a bot!) takes a look at your job description, sorts through all of the applicants, and prioritizes them based on the requirements you've indicated.

Candidates will be filtered on the basis of technical requirements, location, regional restrictions, experience level, etc. Please make sure these requirements are clear so we can filter them effectively! We do not remove any applicants from consideration, we simply prioritize which applicants you should look at first.

You will receive an email from

A receipt is emailed to you as soon as the job has successfully been posted.

Log in to your dashboard, click on edit associated with the listing.

You sure can!

Log in to your company dashboard and click on the 'Renew listing' link on the respective listing.With this option, you safe time and energy having to re-post the same role all over again

Yes, there is, however, you will only benefit when posting up to 3 jobs within a month. At your third listing, you will only be paying 50%.

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