Senior QA Engineer

  • 100% Remote
  • Remote
  • 10 Mar, 2022

Job Summary


Be the advocate of testing and quality in the team. Mentoring other team members and building quality awareness during all project stages.
Define test plans for projects and features.
Perform manual and automated testing on new technologies
Manage and triage reported defects.
Continuously improve and refactor our testing infrastructure to ensure its reliability and scalability.
Stay on top of the features delivered by other teams to have a broad view on the possible interactions between subsystems.

Skills and Experience

At least 2+ years of experience with both manual and automated testing of web applications, using Web and API testing frameworks
Experienced in implementing automated testing tools and procedures
Good level of understanding of the software development life cycle and lean/agile QA methodologies
Ability to decompose projects into smaller units that can be delivered iteratively
Enjoy working in a group and collaborating with cross-functional teams to get things done
A critical thinker, an innovator, creative, and has good problem-solving skills
Good communication in English is a must

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