Business Development Manager

  • 100% Onsite
  • Africa
  • 17 Nov, 2022

Job Summary

Clean Ace Solutions limited is currently hiring ambitious and energetic Business Development Managers to help us expand our clientele. BDMs will be at the front of the company and will have the dedication to create and apply an effective sales strategy.


Responsibilities and Skills:

Develop a growth strategy focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction.

Promote the company’s products/services addressing or predicting clients’ objectives.

Prepare sales contract ensuring adherence to law-established rules and guidelines.

Maintain current client relationship and identifying areas for potential clients

Contacting potential clients to establish a business relationship and meet with them

Develop new sales areas and improving sales through various methods

Research the latest in the business industry and proposing new opportunities to expand business.

Collaborate with Sales and Business Intelligence teams to ensure requirements are met, such as sales numbers and profit goals.

Strong understanding of company products or services as well as business position and competition to keep business competitive

Negotiate client pricing and Maximize Organizational profits.

Developing quotes and proposals for prospective clients.



1.Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration or a similar area

2. About five years of proven sales experience in business or a related area

3. Exceptional communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal, in order to express technical and nontechnical concepts clearly and concisely.

4.Experience in customer support is a plus.

5.Ability to build repport.

6.Technical skills required to create proposals and find solutions to meet client requirements, such as using software programs and machines.

7.Excellent organizational skills to meet goals and set priorities.

Be proactive, organized and handle work under stressful and uncertain environments.

8.Communication skills

9.Organizational skills: Technical and computer skills

10.Drive and self-motivation



Lagos Nigeria.

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